Your page should have the following elements:

  • H1: page heading at the top, centered
  • H2: section headings, at least 2
  • P: 8 paragraphs:
    • 4 of them should be at least on 2 or more lines
    • 4 of them should be at least on 4 or more lines
  • UL/OL: 5 lists, at least one should be an ordered list
  • LI: each list should have at least 3-6 items
  • B: some words should be bold (in paragraphs or lists), surrounded by words that are not bold - at least in 6 places

You can start by just typing out the text in Notepad for what you want to have, without HTML tags... then use the instructions below for adding the tags to make it look nice.

Page Heading (H1)

After the BODY tag, type out a page heading (what's your page about?), adding H1 tags before and after it. Make sure it's closed properly.

Then click inside the opening tag, hit the Space Bar and add the align attribute (should turn red), and in quotation marks add "center" (American spelling, not "centre"!)

Section Headings (H2)

To create a section heading, add H2 tags around the text, making sure it's closed. This is a heading that's a bit smaller than the H1 page heading.

Paragraphs (P)

Add the opening and closing P tags at the beginning and end of your paragraphs. This helps separate the text, adding spacing between.

You can also split a longer paragraph into 2 shorter ones. Just Enter where you want to split, and the copy and paste the tags in the right spots.

Song lyrics

If you're doing songs, you can do some of the lyrics.

  • You should still have P tags wrapped around them
  • Each line of lyrics has a BR tag at the end to force a line break, and have 2 of them to have a couple lines between verses
  • Set it all to be italicized using the I tag.


  1. To create a list, start by adding an intro (what it's about), with a colon ":"
  2. Then add tags for which type of list you want:
    • UL = Unordered List (bullets)
    • OL = Ordered List (numbers)
  3. Between the UL/OL tags, type out List Items, with the LI tag at the beginning of each line.

Here's an example of an unordered list:

Here's an example of an ordered list:

Bold (B)

In paragraph

Wrap bold tags around some words in your paragraphs (like names)...

In list

Add bold in your lists. Make sure something in each list item is not bold.

List headings

If you do a list of facts, you can have the intro/headings in bold.

Here are some more examples...

List intro

You can make a list intro (or part of it) bold.

List Examples


TV Shows

Video Games




Sports Teams