1. Page Layout

Page Layout

Go to the LAYOUT toolbar and set page Orientation to "Landscape".

Your page will go from being vertical (on the left) to horizontal (on the right)...

Page Border

Then go to the DESIGN tab, and then click on Page Borders.

Then choose any page border you like, an "Art" style or a "Style" and "Color". Make sure you see it in the Preview window or it won't apply on the page.

So far have something like this...

2. WordArt

Insert WordArt

Go to INSERT> WordArt... pick a style. 

This inserts a tex box with that style...

In the text box, change "Your text here" to something for the top of the certificate, ie. "Student of the Month". Enter to the next line and add "Awarded to". You may have to make your text box bigger so you see it.

Change the width of the text box so it's almost the width of the page. Also make sure everything in the box is centered.

Change font type

Select all the text in the box. Go to the HOME toolbar. Change the font type (so it's fun/unique). Also pump up the font size of the text so it fills up the box. You can also change the WordArt style if you want on the HOME toolbar.

Make second line smaller

In the WordArt box, make "Awarded to" smaller

Align on the page

Click anywhere in your WordArt box. Then click and drag on the border of the box up and to the middle until you see the green lines for snapping to the top and center of the page.

3. Text Boxes

Your name

Go to INSERT> Text Box... and at the very bottom, choose "Draw Text Box". 

Then click and drag out a box in the middle and type your name in it. 

Select everything in the text box and change the following:

  • Font type to "French Script" or "Freestyle Script"
  • Font size to "36"
  • align to the center the text in the box

Reduce the height of the text box so you don't have any extra, but still see the words. Then click and drag it to the middle of the page (horizontally and vertically). 

Click anywhere in the text box and go to FORMAT>Shape Outline (or you can right-click on the border of the text box as shown in the picture below) ...

Choose "No Outline".

So far you have something like this...

Bottom text box

Insert another Text Box. Type in there "Presented by", Enter and a name, Enter and a date.

  • Make it Garamond size 16.
  • Size the box down so there's no extra space after the date.
  • Also center the text IN the box.

First shrink the height of the box so there's no extra space under the date line. Drag the box so it's aligned at the bottom and centered on the page.

Get rid of the outline for the box and you should have something like this so far...

4. Shapes

Line under your name

Go to INSERT. Select the Line shape. 

Hold Shift while dragging it out underneath your name (wider than it). Set the Line shape style (under Format) to black (thinnest).

Change the width and position so it's sitting under your name, wider than it. Also center it on the page.

Star shape

Insert star. Go to insert another shape, choose one from the "Stars & Banners". 

Position the crosshairs in the document screen, hold down the left mouse button and then drag the crosshairs to create the shape, and then release the mouse button.

Add text inside your shape by right-clicking and "Add Text". You can type out something like "#1" or "best ..."

Choose a style for your shape in the toolbar's Shape Styles section using the drop-down menu. Find one that makes it look more 3D.

Pump up the font, change the size/color so it's readable.

So you now have something like this...

5. Pictures

Go to INSERT> Online Photos...

Find something you'd like to add and click on it to insert it on the page.

Wrap Text ("In Front of Text") so you can move it wherever you want on the page. If you have a hard time clicking on the picture, you can move other boxes around temporarily, and move them back once you've managed to wrap the clip art.

Repeat the process for another picture and you're done.