Pictures Galore


Format text

  1. Change "your name" to your first and last name.
  2. Select the top 2 lines of text and center them.

Make the heading "Pictures Galore" bold and pump up the font size to "18".

Replace Text

Place cursor at the top of the page. On the HOME toolbar, click on the Replace button at the far right.

  1. In the Find What box, type what you already have: "quick brown fox" 
  2. In the Replace With box, type out 2-3 words you want to replace them with.
  3. Click on the "Replace All" button.

Do the same thing for the other animal. Replace "lazy dog" with 2 other words.

Then close the Replace dialog box.


In a new Chrome tabs, do a Google search for your 2 animals. Copy a photo you like for the first animal (right-click and "Copy Image"). Then in Word, paste (CTRL+V) and resize as needed. Add wrapping "Square".

Then drag it and position it so it's lined up with the left of the text and the top of the paragraph text.

Add a picture for your second animal and position it to the right of the second paragraph, not too far in the margin.

Cartoon Pics

Now for each animal add "cartoon transparent" in the search terms and find a picture with a see-through background - if you click on the preview, it needs to have little squares instead of white. You want an empty area on the right that has a nice shape to it.

Copy and paste a picture into your document and set the wrapping to "Tight". 

Size and move it so it's to the left of the 3rd paragraph, a little bit in the margin, but not too far. Size and position it so you can see the text filling in the empty/white space of the photo (if it doesn't work, try another picture).

Get a transparent cartoon picture for your other animal and move that so it's between the last 2 paragraphs, showing that the text is following the empty/white part of the picture.