Pictures Galore

1. Get Text

Generate random text

  1. At the top of your word document first type in the title "Pictures Galore". 
  2. [Enter] and on the next line type out your name. 
  3. [Enter] again and type out the following text exactly, no spaces...
  4. Then [Enter] to generate your text.

Now you'll see your page fill up with the 5 paragraphs of 10 copies of the sentence "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

Fix spelling

Fix the spelling mistakes, by going to the REVIEW toolbar, then click on the "Spelling & Grammar" button on the left.

When you click on the Spelling & Grammar button, a panel opens on the right. Click on the "Change All" button...

It'll fix them all for you. When this box pops up, just say OK.


Save your work!

  1. CTRL+S or click on the floppy icon or go to FILE tab.
  2. In the window that opens, click on the Browse button on the bottom right.
  3. Then go into your Z: drive... into your Computers folder... give it a name and save it.

2. Format Text

Change Font

Select all the text (CTRL+A).

Go back to the HOME tab and change the font type to Garamond and size to 12.

Page heading

Select the top 2 lines of text and center them.

Select just "Pictures Galore":

  1. change the font type to "Showcard Gothic"
  2. pump up the font size to "20".


Insert photos

On the bottom right, zoom out to about 70%, so you see your whole page in the window...

Open 2 new tabs in Chrome ...

In one tab, search for an animal you like - then narrow it to "Images"...

Do the same in another tab for another animal...

Click on a picture you like so it opens to a preview, and then right-click "Copy Image"...

In Word, click somewhere so your cursor is blinking, then CTRL+V to paste it. Resize it using a corner circle so it's about this size...

Choose a picture for the other animal, right-click on the preview and "Copy Image"...

Click in Word (make sure the other picture is not selected) and paste (CTRL+V). Resize it to about this size...

Wrapping & Position

Now click on the square button that shows up in the top right corner of the picture and add text wrapping "Square".

Position the first photo to the top and left of the first paragraph. Click on the photo and drag it until you get the green snapping lines on the left and top of the text as shown below. When you've done that, click off the photo so set it in that position.

Add "Square" text wrapping to the second photo.

Position the second photo so it's to the right of the second paragraph, not too far in the margin. Click off to set the position.

4. Transparent Cartoon Pics

In the same tabs, change your search - add "cartoon" before the animal word and "transparent background" after it.

Click on a picture you like to see the preview. If you see little squares in the preview thumbnail, it won't work; if it looks white, it might work.

When you click on the thumbnail to open the preview, if you see squares like this, then that will work. If you don't see these squares, just a white background, then it won't work.

... right-click and "Copy Image". 

Paste it (CTRL+V) on the page and resize it down to something like this...

Do the same for the other animal - copy a transparent picture in Chrome...

Paste it in word (CTRL+V)  and resize it...

Add Wrapping "Tight" ...

Then move one so it's to the left of the third paragraph, can be a little bit in the margin. No text should be to its left!

Add Wrapping "Tight" to the fourth picture...

Move it somewhere in the bottom paragraphs, and you're done.

One page only

Make sure it's all on one page... if you see "Page 1 of 1" you're done. If not, make your pictures smaller until it all fits.

Zoom out using CTRL+Scroll Wheel on your mouse, or use the slider at the bottom right...

... until you can see the entire page in your window. Then come to the back of the classroom to get it checked off.



Transparent Cartoon Pics

One Page