Go to Slide Master

Click on Slide #1. Then go to the VIEW toolbar and click on Slide Master.

This opens up the templates for the different slide layouts. We want to set the titles for all the slides, so you need to scroll up using the scroll bar on the left....

Click on the top master slide thumbnail in the list on the left (the one with the number "1" beside it)...


Select the text in the title box. On the HOME toolbar, change the font type to "Berlin Sans FB Demi" and pump up the font size a couple of times til it's "60".


Under the FORMAT tab you should choose a Quick Style...

More font style options:

  • Text Fill - choose a different fill color or have a gradient (just make sure the darker color is at the bottom, not in the middle or it's hard to read)
  • Text Outline - maybe add an outline color (white or black) to help your text be more readable.
  • Text Effects - may want to add a Shadow/Glow/Bevel (do not use the "3-D" or "Transform" options yet)

Title Box Size

Now adjust the title box size, dragging the middle circle handles on the right and the bottom...

  • width (so it's as wide as the slide) 
  • height (so it's as narrow as possible)

Your title box should look like this...

Text Box

Text box position & size

First click in the text box, then click on the border to move it.

  1. Hug title box: select the outside of the box and drag it up so it's hugging the title box.
  2. Adjust Width: make the text box narrower (about 1/2 slide width)
  3. Adjust Height: Also pull down a bit more to the bottom

Font type & size

Select the first bullet line of text and pump up the font to size "28" and change the font type to "Bookman Old Style".

Title SlideS

Go to the second slide in the list on the left - the "Title Slide" template.

  • Title box: change alignment to "center" and pump up the font to size "115". Adjust the position of the box so it's more in the middle of the slide.
  • Subtitle box: center the text in this box too, and move the box down a bit.

Exit Slide Master

Now go back to your regular slides. Go to SLIDE MASTER...and "Close Master View".

Your slides now have nice headings and the first slide has the same font type/style...

Last Slide

Go to the last slide (#8) and change the Layout to "Title Slide".

Then type in "The End" in the title box; "Thanks for watching" in the subtitle box.