Slide Sorter view

Go to Slide Sorter view for your slide show. Either click on the button at the bottom right of your window...

... or go to the VIEW tab and click on the button there.

Add Transitions

Go to the TRANSITIONS tab and apply different types of transitions to all of  your slides. Click on the slide, and then apply a transition type...

When you click on the drop-down menu, you will get lots of options. Add some type of transition to each slide.

Advance slide

Select all your slides (CTRL+A), and go to the top right of your TRANSITIONS tab...

Uncheck the "On Mouse Click" box. Check the box for "After", and increase the time to 15 seconds for all the slides to start...

Now all your slides should be set to 15 sec.

Click off somewhere. Just select Slide #1 and change the amount of time to 3 sec.

Set up slide show

Go to the SLIDE SHOW tab... and "Set Up Slide Show".

Then set it to "Browsed by individual" (this will automatically set to advance using the timings you've added).

Test it out

Test out your entire slide show - F5.

  • Does it run on it's own - text & pictures coming up one at a time, going to next slides without you clicking?
  • How's the speed of your text and pictures? If too fast, make each slide show advance after more time.