Day 1

  1. This PC: right-click and rename Z: 
  2. Go into Z: and create a new folder "Computers".
  3. Student Share>Koppejan: double-click on the shortcut to class website
  4. Chrome:
    • pin Chrome to taskbar
    • bookmark class website
    • show Bookmarks bar (CTRL+SHIFT+B)
  5. FreshGrade - log in, accept invite, bookmark portfolio page


Open File Explorer using the folder icon on your taskbar...

Rename Z:

Right-click on the drive with your student number and choose "Rename".

Type in your first name and [Enter]. If you ever change computers, you only have to rename Z:

Go into Z; and create a new folder, call it "Compuers".

Open class website

  1. Go into Student Share.
  2. Go into the Koppejan folder.
  3. Double-click on the shortcut to the class website.



Right-click on Chrome on the taskbar and "Pin to taskbar".

Bookmarks Bar

Bookmark the class website.

CTRL+SHIFT+B to show the Bookmarks Bar.