Course Outline

Fresh Grade

Assignments and projects will be marked and entered into Fresh Grade which students and parents can access at any time:

Office 365

Students have a school district email address that they can use to email teachers and log in to Microsoft online.

  • Email:
  • Password:  network password

While it’s best that students work on assignments during class where they can get help whenever they need, students are able to work on most assignments from home. They can either install Office 365 programs on a home computer (saving the files into OneDrive), or they can use the online tools (saving the files online on SharePoint). The login is the student’s SD33 email.

Units & Objectives


5 daily assignments; 5 classes

  • Fonts - font types, sizes, styles, formatting, WordArt styles
  • Paragraph - alignment, spacing, bullets & numbering, borders & shading
  • Pictures - inserting, wrapping, formatting
  • Textboxes & Shapes - inserting, positioning, formatting, styles
  • Page Layout - margins, using the Ruler


2 daily assignments; 2 classes

  • entering data, selecting data to create a chart; move chart to separate sheet
  • formatting text: chart title, data labels
  • formatting chart: inserting pictures, stack and scale 


presentation project; 6 classes

  • Slide basics - layouts, adding text, lists
  • Pictures - finding good quality pictures, inserting, resizing
  • Design - changing font type/size/style to make presentation unique; using Slide Master to set headings and text for all slides in templates
  • Animations - animate text and pictures - so pictures come in with matching bullets automatically
  • Transitions - set up slide show to run automatically, set slides to advance automatically after different amounts of time


webpage project; 5 classes

  • Formatting Text: headings, paragraphs, lists, bold, separating lines; adding own text to code
  • Design:
    • table background color, table row background color, table width, border, margin
    • background picture for page
    • fonts for page, headings
  • Pictures: insert pictures, set size, border, alignment
  • Files: rename pictures appropriately; reduce picture files that are too big


self-portrait project; 2 classes

  • Drawing tools - Shapes, Pencil, Brushes, Eraser
  • Selection tools (rectangle and freeform, transparent)
  • Colors - changing foreground/background colors, Paint Bucket