1. Add Text

Open the starting file from your Z: folder. It looks like this...

Fix Spelling

Fix them one word at a time by right-clicking on each word and choose the right one.

Go to REVIEW>Spelling & Grammar and fix from the panel on the right...

Add Address & Date

  1. Click at the end of the first line and Enter to the next line. 
  2. Type out an address (can make up something, does not need to be your actual address) hitting the Space Bar a couple times between the street and city, and between the province and postal code.
  3. Enter to the next line.
  4. Type out today's date, with this type of formatting (month day, year): "September 10, 2012".

Add your name

  1. Enter after "Sincerely" at the bottom.
  2. Type out your first name.

Insert symbol into address

You will be insert a symbol between the parts of the address as shown below. Click between the street and city on the address line.

Go to the INSERT tab and on the far right click on the Symbols button...

Then choose "Symbol" type, and then "More Symbols".

In the window that opens up, change the Font type to "Wingdings". You can scroll down to see more choices. Choose a symbol and click on Insert, then Close.

Select the one symbol you inserted and copy (CTRL+C) and paste it (CTRL+V) between the province and postal code. Check and make sure you only have one space before and after the symbols.

2. Format text

Font types

Select everything on the page (CTRL+A). Change the font to Tahoma size 14.

Select the first line "Petal Pushers" and change the font type to "Arial Black", size "16".

Select your name at the bottom of the page and open the Font options...

Click on any font in the list and then scroll through using your Up or Down arrow keys until you find one you like (you should use one that looks like handwriting or printing). You'll see how it looks in the Preview window at the bottom. Here are some good font types:

  • Bradley Hand
  • Brush Script
  • Edwardian Script
  • Freestyle Script
  • French Script
  • Mistral
  • Rage Italic
  • Segoe Print
  • Segoe Script

You can make it bigger (some fonts are small), but it shouldn't look bigger than the rest of the text.

Paragraph & line spacing

Select everything on your page (CTRL+A) and open the options for Paragraph...

  • Set Paragraph Spacing to 0 Before and 18 pt after
  • Set Line Spacing to 1.5

Click anywhere on the "Petal Pushers..." line at the top or select a bit of it. Open Paragraph options again and change Paragraph spacing to only "6" pt after, and Line spacing to "Single".

You should have something like this now...


Select the top 2 lines of text (PPFS and the address) and center them.

Click anywhere on your date line and align to the right.

Font Styles

Select the phrase "freshest... plants" and make it bold and a color.

Select the word "customize" in the first paragraph and make it underlined using the toolbar that pops up or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+U.

Select the phrase "please do not hesitate..." in the last paragraph and make it italicized using toolbar or CTRL+I shortcut.

3. Move Paragraph

Select the second paragraph (double-click in the margin beside it)...

Drag it up to the beginning of the first paragraph...

Then let go of the mouse to place it there.

4. Logo Picture

Click with your cursor in front of the top PPFS text. Then go to INSERT>Online Pictures...

Search for "flower" and change the type to "Clip art"...

Choose a picture of one flower and insert and close.

Then resize it so it's not taking up too much room. You still want lots of room at the bottom of the page.

5. Address

Font Spacing

Select the entire address line and go to Font options...

Click on the Advanced tab and set Spacing to "Expanded" by "3.5" (using up arrow button).

So now you have something like this...

Bottom Border

Click anywhere on the address line and then click on the Border toolbutton.

This gives you a basic underline for the entire line like this...

Now with the cursor still on that line, go to the same toolbutton but use the drop-down menu to get to more options for "Borders & Shading".

In the dialog box that opens up, do the following:

  1. Choose a Style
  2. Set the Color
  3. Change the Width (optional)
  4. Click on the line in the Preview window. You must see it here or nothing will change on your page!
  5. Then close the dialog box with OK.

When you click OK your line should be changed and you're done. Get your assignment checked off.