1. Add Text

Type out top 3 lines

  1. At the top of your document type out "Petal Pushers Flower Shop".
  2. [Enter]  and type out this address:
    1234 Main St. Chilliwack, BC V2P 3H4
  3. [Enter] and  type out today's date
  4. [Enter] 

copy letter text

  1. Select the text to the right
  2. Copy (CTRL+C).
  3. Click on the last/empty line in your document, and paste (CTRL+V).

To get rid of the pop-up toolbar, use the [Esc] key.

Dear Mr. John Smith,

Thank you for your interest in our flower subscription service. When you become one of our subscribers, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an important date again!

We ship the freshest and most beautiful flowers and plants to any home or business address in North America. Subscriptions are available for daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly delivery. We can even customize a schedule especially for you.

I am enclosing a brochure describing our services in detail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.


  1. Select all your text (CTRL+A).
  2. Click on the Clear Formatting button to get rid of the formatting from the webpage.

Add Your Name

On the last line, after "Sincerely", type your first and last name.

2. Spacing & alignment

Top 2 lines centered

Select a bit of the top 2 lines and align "center".

Date to the right

Click on the date and align "right".

Paragraph spacing

Select all your text (CTRL+A) and open the Paragraph box...

  1. set paragraph spacing to 0pt before, and 18pt after 
  2. set line spacing to 1.5.

When you click OK, it should look like this...

Top 2 lines closer together

We want top 2 lines to be closer together. Click your cursor at the end of the PPFS line...

  1. Delete (not Backspace), and
  2. SHIFT+Enter

3. Fonts

Default font

With all your text still selected (if not, do CTRL+A), change the font type to 'Tahoma', size '14'.


Select "Petal Pushers Flower Shop" and change the font type to 'Curlz', size "26".

Select the address line and change font type to "Courier New", size "16".

Your Name

Select it and change the font type to "Freestyle Script", size "24".

Font styles

Select the following parts of the letter and add font styles using keyboard shortcuts, the pop-up window, or the buttons on the HOME tab...

  • "freshest and most beautiful flowers and plants" - bold and color.
  • "customize" - underline 
  • "please do not hesitate to call me" = italics

Zoom out to about 70%...

4. Picture

Click before "Petal" on the first line and go to INSERT tab... "Online Pictures"...

Then do a search for "flower"...

Uncheck the box for "creative commons only"...

Then Filter... choose "clip art"...

Find a flower picture you like and insert it. You can select a few and see which one you like, deleting the extras you don't want.

Resize it (from the corner), down to something like this...

5. Address

Address symbol

In the address, click before "Chilliwack", and go to the INSERT tab and on the far right, go to Symbols...Symbols...More Symbols...

In the window that opens, change the Font to "Wingdings" and find the flower one... Then click on [Insert].

  1. Hit the [Space Bar] after the symbol. after the symbol.
  2. Then select the symbol, copy it (CTRL+C), click before the postal code and paste it (CTRL+V).
  3. Also hit the [Space Bar] after the symbol...

Address Line

Click anywhere on the address line. In the HOME tab, click on the Borders button to apply a bottom border. 

Then use the drop-down menu for Borders and choose the last one... Borders and Shading ... 

In the dialog box that opens up, do the following:

  1. Choose a Style
  2. Set the Color
  3. Change the Width (optional)
  4. Click on the line in the Preview window. You must see it here or nothing will change on your page!
  5. Then close the dialog box with OK.

Say OK and now you have something like this...

6. Monthly Special

Banner Shape

Go to INSERT... and Shape... choose this banner shape...

Click and drag out a banner across the bottom of the page like this...

With the banner shape still selected, go up to the Format tab and use the drop-down menu for Shape Styles...

Change the style of the shape to one of the lighter gradients in this row...

So you should have something like this...

Add Text

Right-click on the banner shape and "Add Text"...

Type out the following text:

Monthly Special: Hanging baskets only $42

Select all the text inside the box and pump up the font to size "18", and change the font type to "Courier New"...

Select just "Monthly Special:" and make it bold.

If the text doesn't fit on one line, make the banner shape wider until it fits...

Select the text inside the shape and change the font color to white...

You're done. Save and get it checked...