Song Playing

Slide #1

Maker sure you're on the first slide, in Normal View (if you're still in Slide Sorter view, double-click on the first slide).

Insert a song

Make sure you save your PPT before continuing!!!!!!

A lot of the computers seem to freeze after trying to insert a song.

In a folder, go to Student Share>Koppejan>Music... find a song you'd like to use.

Drag the file from the Student Share folder onto Slide #1.

You can move the song icon out of the way.

Play in Background

With the song icon still selected, go to the new Playback toolbar that popped up... click on "Play in Background".

This will make the song play for the entire slideshow, starting automatically and hiding the song icon.

Trim Song

List to your song.

  • Does it start in a good place? You can skip this step.
  • Does it have an instrumental beginning or do you want to make it start at a more well-known spot? You will want to trim the audio clip to a good starting spot.

With the song icon selected, either right-click and "Trim Audio" or use the button on the Playback toolbar.

Move the green slider to a good starting part of the song. Do not move the red slider!

Save your presentation. You're done!

View Slide Show

Test out your entire slide show. Does it run on it's own - text & pictures coming up one at a time, going to next slides without you clicking?

F5 or use the button on the SLIDE SHOW tab.

Hit the Esc key to get out of it and back to normal view.