Layouts & Text

Getting Started

Open PowerPoint - choose a blank presentation for now.

Then right-click on the taskbar and pin it.

Slide #1

  • title box = your first and last name.
  • subtitle box = "Computers 6" and the date (month and year).


You can save your file using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S, go to File>Save... or use save button on the top left...

This opens the "Save As" window. Click on Browse ...

Expand This PC on the left and go into your Z: folder and save there.
File name should = your name (default). 

When you look at it in PPT, you should see this...

More slides

Add 9 more slides (CTRL+M) or use the button on the HOME toolbar, for a total of 10 slides.

Last Slide

  • Title: "The End"
  • List: "Thanks for watching"
  • Layout: change it to 'Title Slide'.

Slide #2: Birthday

  • Layout: change it to 'Title Only'.
  • Title: your birthday
    • month and day, not the year
    • including "th" or "rd" and hit the Space Bar