Getting Started

Slide #1

On the first slide

  1. click in the title box and type your first and last name.
  2. In the subtitle box, type out "Computers 6" and the date (month and year).


Save your presentation so far. CTRL+S will take you to the "Save As" window where you have to first give it a place. Click on Computer... then Browse...

Save your presentation as "your name" in your "Computer 6" folder in your Z: drive (not in "Documents").

Add more Slides

Add more slides using the toolbutton or CTRL+M keyboard shortcut (don't use the drop-down menu!). 

Add 7 more slides (total of 8).


Go to the DESIGN tab, and click on the drop-down menu for Themes

Choose this 'Ion' theme...

So all your slides are changed...

You can also change the colors by choosing on of the other 3 color schemes under Variants.