Animations: Pictures Only Slides

Open the ANIMATIONS tab.

Slide #2

Hold SHIFT and click to select all the pictures on the slide.

Click on the drop-down menu for Animation...

Choose any of the green Entrance animations... then you will see the same number beside each picture.

With the pictures/animations still selected, go to the ANIMATIONS toolbar, and set the Start for them all to "On Click".

They should now all have a different number...

Slide #3 & #4

Option 1: Add animation to one picture at a time

For these slides, select one picture at a time, in the order they should come in (pictures in the back first), and add a green entrance animation. When you're done, each picture should have a different number square beside it...

Option 2: animate all pictures at once, change start

  1. Select all the pictures in the order they should come in (start with any pictures that are in the back, then working your way to the front pictures).
  2. Add animation (green entrance)
  3. Change the Start so they're all "On Click".

If you didn't select them in the right order, open the Animation Pane and then click and drag animations up/down to get them in the right order.