Animations: Text

#2: Birthday

Click anywhere in the title box on slide #2 and add the green "Bounce" animation...

Double-click on the animation in the list on the right. In the window that opens up, set the text to animation "By letter".

#3-5: Comparisons

  1. For each list, click in the text box so your cursor is blinking (no text selected), and
  2. Add animation (any green one except 'Appear').

When you've done this, you should have numbers to the left of each list.

#6-9: Favourites

  1. Click in the text box with the list, and 
  2. Add animation (any green one except 'Appear').

Animation Pane

hide advanced timeline

Go to Slide #3. Right-click on any animation in the Animation Pane, and choose Hide Advanced Timeline... you should then see a mouse icon to the left of the animations...

expand your lists

For each slide, click on the grey bar to expand the list so you see the list of animations...

Expand the animation list for each of your list slides...