Animations: Pictures

For each picture you will do the same process...

  1. Add animation
  2. Change start to "With Previous" 
  3. Change order

Comparison slides

For each comparison slide...

1) Add animation

  1. Select the picture for the left list and add any green/entrance animation (except 'Appear').
  1. Select the picture for the right list and add a green/entrance animation.

Your pictures will now have a number beside them on the slide and they're both at the bottom of the Animation Pane...

2) Change Start to "With Previous"

Change the Start to come in automatically with the previous animation. There should be no mouse icon in front of the picture animations.

3) Picture order (with matching bullet)

Make sure the animation is under the matching bullet. Click and drag it up in the list in the Animation Pane; when you let go it should be under the matching bullet, with the same number. If it's the last one in the list, it'll go after the grey bar.

If you've done it correctly, the animation number beside the bullet and matching pictures will be the same.

Here are my other comparison slides...


You could just repeat the same process as for the comparison slides, animating one picture at a time, but it's faster to do all the pictures together.

1) animate all the pictures together


  1. Select/click on one picture
  2. Hold SHIFT
  3. Select/click on the other pictures
  4. Add a green/entrance animation

They'll now all have the same number...

2) all pictures start "With Previous"

Make sure none of the picture animations have a mouse icon in front - you should only need to change the first picture in the list to "With Previous"...

3) picture order (with matching bullets)

Click on a picture on your slide (this will highlight it in the Animation Pane). Then click and drag it up under the matching bullet. 

Repeat for each picture on your slide.

  • Each bullet and picture should end up with the same animation #
  • The picture animation for the last picture will be after the gray bar.

Repeat for the other favourites slides...