Slide #8-10: Comparisons

Layout & Design


Select Slides #8-10. Change the Layout to "Comparison".

Go to Slide master

Make sure you're on Slide #8 with the new layout. Then go to VIEW>Slide Master...

Position text boxes

Click on one of the text boxes, hold SHIFT and click on the other 3. Then move them all up and over to the left to hug the title box.


Then click in/on the left subheading box, hold SHIFT and select the box on the right as well. Pump up the font once to "28" and make it bold.

Select the text boxes and pump up the font 2 times (so the first line of text is size "24").

Go to SLIDE MASTER and go back to normal view.

Slide #8: School

  • Title: "School"
  • Subtitles: "I like:" and "I don't like:"
  • Lists: type a list of 2-4 things you like and don't like 

Add 1 picture for something in each list. Go to the INSERT toolbar and Online Pictures...and search clip art or go online and find a picture for one thing in each list.

Slide #9 - 10

For each slide, choose a topic, type out "I like:" and "I don't like:" in the subtitle boxes, and type in the title and add a list in each text box (2-4 things per list).  Then add at 1-2 pictures for each list.

Choose a topic you haven't already done:

  • People:
    • Actors / Athletes / Youtubers / Authors
    • Singers / Singers & Bands 
    • Superheroes / Disney Characters / Pokemon
    • Season (things like & don't like about that season)
  • Things:
    • TV Shows / Video Games / Board Games / Sports
    • Places I'd Like to Go / Places I've Been
    • Candies / Drinks
    • Cars / Gadgets / Apps
    • Dog breeds