Slide #7: Birthday


Open famousbirthdays in a new tab. Look up your birthday.

On your slide, type in your birthday as the slide title.

Find 2-3 famous people who share your birthday. In a bulleted list, for each person:

  • type the name properly (with capitals, spelling)
  • then add a space, dash and space (" - ")
  • then add info about who they are, what they're famous for.
  • make the names bold


Go to INSERT>Online Pictures... and search for a picture for "birthday". Change the type to "clipart".

Select one you like and Insert. Then resize and position it out of the way.

Find a good quality photo for each person and arrange on the slide to fill up your slide, no big empty areas. 

Here's an example with only 2 people/pics...

If you have 3 people, adjust the width of the text box so you can place the pictures along the bottom.