Slide #2-4: Pictures Only


Change the Layout of slides #2-4 to "Title Only".

Each slide should look like this...


Type the title in the title box.

  • Slide #2: add title "Movies" (or "Books"). 
  • Slide #3: "Animals"
  • Slide #4: "Foods" 


Slide #2

Find 4 good quality movie/book cover pictures, all the same proportion, at least 400 pixels width. Arrange them in the middle of the slide like this...

To find bigger pictures in Google, you can click on Tools... and then set the Size to "Large". 

When resizing a picture, make sure you select one of the corner circles, not the side/top ones (otherwise you'll picture will get stretched!

Slide #3

Find 3 good quality pictures - they should be good quality, big enough (at least 450 px width), filling up the slide. They don't need to be the same proportion/size; they can be overlapping.

Slide #4

Same as the previous slide - add 3 good quality photos.