Resize canvas

Make sure you see the edges at 100%. Then click & drag out your canvas from the side/ corner squares...

Zoom in/out

Use the Zoom tool – click and drag out the area to magnify.

Use the slider (bottom right of the canvas).

View toolbar

From the View toolbar, you can:

  • You can Zoom in/out or back to 100% from here.
  • You can see Rulers and Gridlines.
  • Fullscreen (Esc to go back to normal view).


The main drawing tools are:

  1. Pencil - can only change color and size
  2. Brush - different types of brushes
  3. Shapes - different types of shapes


  • Color 1 (Foreground Color): for lines, borders of shapes and text. Drag while left clicking.
  • Color 2 (Background Color): fill inside closed shapes and background of text frames. Drag while right-clicking.

You can choose a different/specific color.


You can change the line thickness or size of the Pencil, Brush or Shape outline.

Shape outline/fill

Click and drag out to draw a shape. You may just see a dotted outline.

If you do, don’t click off, just go to Outline>Solid color, then click off it.

Before you click off your shape, you can change the Outline, Fill or Size.


  • Undo: CTRL+Z to undo the last action.
  • Eraser tool - erases into the background colour.
  • Right-click on something with the Paint Bucket (background color = white), will erase everything connected in that color.
  • Draw over something with the Pencil in the background color.
  • Select: drag out a selection with the Rectangle marquee or select all and then Delete key

Color replacing

If you've drawn something and want to change the border color, you don't need to draw over it or start over. Just use the color replacement function:

  1. Select the Eraser tool.
  2. Set your colors. Color 1 = the color that you don't like that you want to erase. Color 2 = the color you want to replace the original color with.
  3. Then hold right click and sweep with the Eraser tool over the ugly color.
  4. If your drawing is large, size the eraser brush as needed.

Select tool

Select with the Select tool (click and drag around it) – can use the rectangular or free-form option. Then can move it by clicking and dragging the selection (when see 4-pointed arrow).

Use the Select drop-down menu to select "Transparent" - it'll keep the background color transparent.


Select something you've drawn, then:

  • CTRL+Plus (numpad) to make it bigger, or
  • CTRL+Minus (numpad) to make it smaller.


Once you've selected an area, you can rotate it, but only set options, not freely.


Select the area you want to keep, then click on Crop and everything outside that area will be gone.


  1. Click on the Text tool.
  2. Drag out a text frame and start typing.
  3. Make it bigger by moving the cursor over one of the blue squares on the sides or corners.

  • Change font, size and style in the toolbar.
  • Text color = the foreground colour.
  • Background color of the text box = can be transparent
  • If want a color, click on Opaque first, and then change Color 2.