Resize canvas

Make sure you see the edges at 100%. Then click & drag out your canvas from the side/ corner squares...

Zoom in/out

Use the Zoom tool – click and drag out the area to magnify.

Use the slider (bottom right of the canvas).


The main drawing tools are:

  1. Pencil - can only change color and size
  2. Brush - different types of brushes
  3. Shapes - different types of shapes


  • Color 1 (Foreground Color): for lines, borders of shapes and text. Drag while left clicking.
  • Color 2 (Background Color): fill inside closed shapes and background of text frames. Drag while right-clicking.

You can choose a different/specific color.


You can change the line thickness or size of the Pencil, Brush or Shape outline.

Shape outline/fill

Click and drag out to draw a shape. You may just see a dotted outline.

If you do, don’t click off, just go to Outline>Solid color, then click off it.

Before you click off your shape, you can change the Outline, Fill or Size.


  • Undo: CTRL+Z to undo the last action.
  • Eraser tool - erases into the background colour.
  • Right-click on something with the Paint Bucket (background color = white), will erase everything connected in that color.
  • Draw over something with the Pencil in the background color.
  • Select: drag out a selection with the Rectangle marquee or select all and then Delete key

Select tool

Select with the Select tool (click and drag around it) – can use the rectangular or free-form option. Then can move it by clicking and dragging the selection (when see 4-pointed arrow).

Use the Select drop-down menu to select "Transparent" - it'll keep the background color transparent.