Create Chart

Open your Excel "surveys" starting file.

Select the cells with data (not heading or empty rows) for one of the animal survey results.

Go to INSERT and choose the first 3D column chart type.

Use the Move Chart button on the toolbar...

In the window that pops up, click on the radio button for "New Sheet" and give it an appropriate name - what's the chart you're making about?

Repeat this for another survey topic, so each chart is in its own sheet.

Format Text

Data Labels

Click on one of the data labels at the bottom - then change the font for all of them to font type "Bookman Old Style", size 12.

Click on the numbers on the left side once, then change them to the same font type/size as the bottom labels...

Chart Title

Select the Chart Title text and change to an appropriate title, Enter and add your name. Change the font type. Make the title bigger and add a style.

So you have something like this...


Paste in Pictures

First open a new browser tab and find a picture for the first column. If you are doing the chart for "Favourite Colors" you have to find photos on the internet that represent that color for you, not just filling with the color.

Once you've found a picture you like, right-click on the thumbnail (this doesn't need to be a huge/big picture) and "Copy".

In Excel, select the first column only. Paste the picture in it by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V. It will be stretched as you see below...

Stack & Scale

Double-click on the column in your chart (or right-click and choose Format Data Point). 

A panel will open on the right. Click on the paint bucket... then Fill ... then the Stack and Scale with radio button... it should be set to "1" picture per unit.

If you have an empty column (title)...

If you didn't select the data properly when creating the chart (you selected the survey heading instead of just the data), you will have an empty area/column at the front of your chart...

... then you need to get rid of it. Click on the chart in an empty spot. You should see some options appear at the top right of your chart. Click the "+" button and uncheck the box for the empty column.

More pictures

Paste in other pictures and stack and scale them.

Also do the same with another chart. 

Here's are examples with all picture in...