Pie Chart

  1. Enter Data
  2. Create Chart
  3. Format Chart
  4. Format Text
  5. Insert Pictures

1. Enter Data

Type out 4-6 things about what you like to do on the weekends or during the week. You want to have a range that's reasonable (not too much difference between the high and low values). 

2. Create chart

Select the data

You need 2 columns of data, no empty columns or rows. Do not select the heading row! Click and drag starting with the first item and then over (just the 2 columns) and down to the last item (no empty rows).

Insert chart

Go to the INSERT toolbar and select "Pie" (normal 2D or 3D) type of chart.

Move Chart

When you let go, you should see a pie chart in your sheet. Go to the right of the DESIGN tab and click on Move Chart.

A new dialog box opens up. Click on the radio button for the top choice, "New Sheet" and give it a name.

You'll now be in the new sheet with the chart.

The chart is in its own sheet but if you ever want to get back to the data sheet, look at the bottom tabs.

3. Format chart

Quick Layout

Under the DESIGN tab, go to Quick Layout and choose the one with the title, label and percentage.

Chart Styles

Go to Chart Styles and choose the one where the labels and percentages are outside the pie chart.

So far you have something like this...

4. Format Text

Chart Title

Click in the chart title box, CTRL+A to select all the text in it and type out your title, Enter and type out your name. Select just the title and change the font type to something more unique/fun. Then pump up the size so it really stands out and change the color or style.

Data Labels

Click on any of the data labels and they'll all be selected. Then change the font type to Bookman Old Style, make it not bold, change the color so they're all black and a bigger (size 12). 

At this point make sure you save it! If something goes wrong with the pictures, you can at least go back to this part instead of having to start over.

5. Insert Pictures

Find a picture

In another tab in Chrome, find a picture you want to use for that piece of the pie, right-click on the picture and "Copy Image".

Paste into chart

Click on the pie chart, then click on one piece of it so that's the only one selected. 

Then paste in the picture by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V.

Repeat this process for the other pieces of the pie chart.

Here's an example about foods...